Thinking of starting a business?

Thinking of starting a new business? Whilst lockdown has been very difficult for many people, for others it has been the break in a hectic life that they have needed. It has enabled people to return to hobbies which they have been neglecting, some have learnt a new language, dusted off the guitar which has been gathering dust in the spare room, some have even set up that new business that they always said they would.

Whilst it might seem an odd time to get a new business under way, when you think about it, when is better? Much of the real world is on hold, the internet is as active and vibrant as ever and  you finally have time in your normal hectic schedule to get the thinking cap on and a creative flow on. When are those factors likely to be in alignment again. Not for quite a while I’m guessing.

And even if the business that you are building will eventually require a physical location, there is stills much that can be done, websites to be built, logo’s to be designed, marketing strategies to be developed and an awareness for your company to be created. You might even think about launching the company as an e-commerce business before taking the plunge into bricks and water and if there wasn’t a more perfect time to test those waters then I doubt there ever will be.

No matter what stage your business is at, the timing is perfect for getting the fundamentals in place and SN1 has everything you need to nurture the roots of your business so that you are ready to flourish when things return to normal. If there ever was such a thing. We can design and begin implementing your marketing strategy, build your website, develop your e-commerce, make sure your company name is buzzing along all avenues of social media and anything else you might need to turn your pipe dream into a successful reality.

One of if not the biggest factor for most people that are thinking of started up a business and making that dream a reality are put off by the fear of parting with the pennies. We fully understand that here at SN1 and that is why we offer flexible payment options, allowing you to pay off the cost of these initial services once you have your business in full swing.

So with the time on your hands, a deferred payment option and a captive internet presence, lockdown would seem to be the perfect time to start up. Who’d have thought it?

If you are thinking of starting a new business, get in touch today here, to see where we can help.