What does your brand say about you when you aren’t in the room?

We hear the term brand used more and more, applied to everything from well-established sweet manufacturer’s to pop musicians, from high-end fashion to high-tech entrepreneurs. But it is a word which means many different things to many different people.

For us, the term brand is the whole vibe of your business, everything that a customer, or potential customer, thinks of when they hear your name. It is the way your business is perceived by the world beyond your doors and it is reflected in everything you do. It is what your logo suggests, it is how your website looks, it is your social media presence, it is a customer past experience of you, your services and your products. It is in everything from the public perception of the CEO right down to the way the newest employee answers the telephone. Your brand is everything because your brand is made up of everything.

Creating a brand is the easiest thing in the world. Creating a successful brand is not.

People tend to stick with brands that they recognise which they are familiar with, for most people comfort zones are preferable to new experiences. But a brand is a form of communication too, people should understand who you are and where you are going.

And a successful brand can be its own advertisement, once you have a loyal customer they spread the word. From local, over the garden fence chats to the logo on your t-shirt, a brand can have a life all of its own out in the wider world.

You could say that there are only successful brands. If you can’t name a certain business or know what it stands for then that isn’t a brand to you, it is just another business struggling to push its head above the clouds which obscure most of the business world.

And how do you sum all of those many factors into one simple, easy to remember, easy to recognise symbol. You create an unmissable logo.

If your website can be seen as your virtual shop, your logo is shorthand for every aspect of the brand that it houses. It is the sign above the shop, it is the business card in your pocket, it is the advertisement in the newspaper, it is a short, sharp and sometimes shocking focal point, a brand signature for your business.

We have a track record of creating bold, clean and simple logos that work for our clients. To see how we can help improve your company brand and get people saying the right things about your business, simply fill in the request form here.